Welcome to the temporary webpage that we are using while we build the website!

If things look a little odd, it is because we have set up this temporary webpage on the existing website for Farmer Mike’s farm to save hosting fees until is ready for launch on its own. So, feel free to click around and check out what’s going on at the farm, if you are so inclined.

eBay Listing Service

In order to help raise funds to get up and running, we are offering our eBay listing services right now. Please consider letting us list your items for you! We will handle everything for you and promptly send you payment for your sold items.

While our specific interest is in breweriana antiques and collectibles, we will consider listing any items of value for you as long as we believe we can realize substantial sales for our mutual benefit.

Please check out our listing guidelines HERE.

Please use this form to contact us, if you are interested in having us list your items for auction on eBay for you.

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Please let us know if you are a NABA Member or a BCCA Member.
Please provide a list and description of the items you would like for us to list for you. Please indicate your estimation of the value of each item.

Fellow club members feel free to contact our webmaster, Michael Collins, directly at his contact info in one of the club rosters below.

Michael Collins
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