New CSA Program Guidelines for 2013

Our new CSA Program Guidelines for 2013 are now up on the site!  Go to the Community Supported Agriculture at Martin Hill Farms link to read the details about how our newly revised and expanded program works.

CSA Members can now order whatever they want from our available Offerings each week and we deliver their Share Order either directly to their home or to the pick up location of their choice!  Our new online ordering process allows us to customize our Members’ CSA Shares so they only pay for and receive the items they want each week.

We now provide a much greater weekly selection of products for our CSA Members by offering a choice from ALL of the items we produce on our farm each week as well as products from other local farms and producers.  We now also offer items that we produce on the farm in order to preserve the harvest – items like Heirloom Tomato Sauces, Salsas, Canned Green Beans, Cauliflower and Other Veggies, Fermented Veggies, Sun-Dried Tomatoes, Home-Made Raisins, Dried Fruits, Jerkies, Jams and who knows what else!

Please check it out!  Everything we do goes toward keeping our local farmlands farmland producing food and not turning them into concrete and golf courses!

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We are working on a New Site!

We are in the process of creating a new website that will allow us to offer CSA in a new and exciting way!  Soon, CSA Members will be able to order the items they want each week and have them delivered right to their door!  How cool is that!