We now have a waiting list for new membership.

Our membership has reached a comfortable level for us to be able to serve and so, we are going to begin accepting new members in the order that we receive applications to replace members who move away or on to other things. The number of new members coming in has pretty closely matched the members who have moved on resulting in a fairly stable membership for us over the past couple of years. Therefore, it is possible that there may not be much of a waiting list list for much of the year, except during high interest times of year like spring into summer. We don’t spend any money on advertising so, almost all of our new members come from existing member referrals. I think that’s the best confirmation we could have for what we are doing!

So, if you want to join us, please review our CSA Guidlines HERE and then submit your application as soon as possible. We will check your address for delivery and get back to you within a few days to let you know if your address is deliverable and if/when we are able to get you started.

We appreciate your interest in our CSA Program! Thanks for checking us out!
Farmer Mike