This is the time of year when interest in CSA is at its peak!

This is the time of year when interest in CSA is at its peak.  We fIrst began offering CSA to the Greater Cincinnati area when there were only a very small handful of farms marketing their products that way.

In that time, our farm has provided the most innovative, dependable and consistent CSA Program in our entire region in the quality and variety of offerings for our members.  We are now the very first and only CSA in our entire region to offer custom online ordering and home or office delivery right to your doorstep for no additional cost.  We always have been and always will remain at the forefront of CSA farming providing the very best CSA experience for our members who support us in our efforts to regain and support the sustainable small family farming operations that our society has so short sightedly forsaken to the point of extinction.

Supporting your local small family farmer through membership in a CSA Program requires an attitude, understanding and level of participation completely contradictory to that of shopping at Kroger or Walmart or even a farmer’s market for your food.  We have unfortunately come to see, over the years, that most people in our society prefer convenience over a healthy mother Earth.

We are not for everyone.  We are for those who truly care and want to make a difference.  If you are ready to make the effort to be different and place the health of our small family farms and the health our planet ahead of your own convenience, then we would very much love to have you join us in our efforts to truly support local agriculture!

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